I’ve worked with different practitioners as we’ve moved from other cities and I have to say Ellen is amazing. She is truly an one-of-a-kind, exceptional and intuitive practitioner who can relate to and recognize the needs of her individual patients. — Anonymous
Working with Ellen has helped me learn so much about myself.  I’ve learned how to move past the hurt and emotions as well as the anger. She’s just helped me so much! — T. E.
Thank God Ellen has helped me start my journey of healing. I’m not as depressed and scared anymore. — C.S.
Therapy with Ellen has been a beautiful experience for me. Who knew healing could be so gratifying? — C. H.
She (Ellen) has helped me understand my feelings and why and who are the triggers for them. I am now starting to believe that me and my feelings are worthwhile. Thank you Ellen! — Anonymous
Therapy has been magical and powerful! It’s had a great impact on my life..the way I think and the way I feel. — Anonymous
I was searching for who I am. My heart, my core, my spirit, my soul..Ellen helped me find her. — E. F.
I realized that I’m not alone. Other people have had similar experiences. This knowledge was so validating to me, I can’t even express the words! Thank you Ellen for holding my hand during my journey of healing. — D. B.
I had so much anger it had begun to define me. Now I have released much of it, and even forgiven some. I’m beginning to feel like a human again! — Anonymous
I have been able to reframe the way I look at my past which helps me look at my present in a healthier way. — D. H.
I was able to reconnect with my creative side and that has led me to get excited about life again! — L.A.
Since beginning therapy with Ellen, I am a much happier and more content person. — Anonymous
I wasn’t aware of how much healing I needed until I started therapy with her. — E.H.
Ellen’s positivity and playfulness make my personal growth both healing and fun! — R.T.




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